October 5, 2014
Chimugukuru : Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Orphan
Benefit Concert, October 16th, 2014.
"Chimugukuru:Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Orphan Benefit Concert". In celebration of its 10th anniversary, all the proceeds from this concert will be donated to the Ashinaga education and scholarship organization, which administers support for orphans of the Japan earthquake and tsunami. For 50 years now, Ashinaga has been providing educational and psychological support to children worldwide who have lost their parents. Two years ago, Vancouver Okinawa-ken Yuaikai held another benefit concert for the same cause. Proceeds from that concert went toward the completion of three Rainbow Houses-support centres for orphaned children-in the cities of Sendai, Rikuzentakada and Ishinomaki in the Tohoku region Chimugukuru means "compassion" in the Okinawan language, and this concert features renowned Okinawan performing artists Chijinshu Wakatiida and Hidekatsu.

Chijinshu Wakatiida is an Okinawan taiko group that was formed in 1992, under the auspices of the Urasoe City legislative assembly in Okinawa. Chijinshu refers to people who play taiko, and tiida refers the Sun in Okinawan language. Chijinshu Wakatiida's mission is to represent the region's tradition and culture such as the Ryukyu-Japanese taiko drums, Eisa drum-dancing and Okinawa lion dancing. Chijinshu Wakatiida is known not only for its members' sophisticated technical skills but also for its efforts in the preservation and legacy creation of Okinawa's traditional performing arts. The group contribute to youth development through their taiko instructions to young people, and is active in charity concerts and volunteer activities.

Hidekatsu is an Okinawan musician, producer, and representive of Okinawan progressive sound from Taketomi Island in the southern islands of Yaeyama. He is best known for his beloved song "Mirukumunari", which hit the air in 1993. He produces and composes music for eisa dancing, Ryukyu Buyoh (Okinawan traditional dance), commercials and movies.

The concert also features the large Hira taiko, 4'in diameter, made by taiko maker Dan Lindenmeyer. Sadly, his studio "World Sphere Taiko" was greatly damaged by the mudslide that hit Arlington, Washington State last spring.

We look forward to seeing you at A Celebration of the Heart, Soul and Spirit on October 16th, at 7 p.m. at the Michael J Fox Theatre in Burnaby.
October 7, 2014
"关爱: 太鼓心灵礼赞" 慈善筹款音乐会
击鼓扬声献爱心帮助2011 曰本地震海啸遗孤心灵重建
"温哥华冲绳太鼓(Vancouver Okinawa Taiko) 为庆祝成立十周年盛典, 将於10月16日晚上7:00 在米高霍氏大剧院举办 "关爱: 太鼓心灵礼赞"慈善筹款综合音乐会, 以作支援在2011日本地震海啸的遗孤, 进一步帮助他们在苦难中得以重建心灵及自信.

当晚慈善音乐会的收益将用以捐赠巳有50年历史的Ashinaga育英会. 该会一向致力为支援世界各地孤儿心灵重建,提供各种教育及心理辅导的迫切服务.

当晚的精采节目, 特别推介远近驰名的鼓众若太阳(Chijinshu Wakatiida) 出神入化的太鼓及多才多艺作曲家兼歌手,日出克 (Hidekatsu) 超凡精湛的演出. 此外, 在当晚音乐会上, 观众更有眼福观赏由太鼓名技师 Dan Lindenmeyer精心打造, 直径四尺宽的重量级太鼓, 令观众一新耳目.